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Monthly Archives: April 2013

We have permission to change

A good reminder that we need to be flexible:

“Change becomes something that people invest in because they are helping to drive it—they’re looking for it. We start talking about outcomes and aspirations. We have permission to be wrong, to pivot, to succeed, or to fail. We have permission to dream and follow unusual ideas. We have permission to seek new problems or to test new approaches. We have permission to work with different people. We have permission to stop doing things that no longer have an impact. We have permission to change our schedule and workloads.”

Source: Change Needs a Brand

There is still work to be done

From John N. Berry III, Why I Stick with ALA:

“Most important, ALA provided an open structure in which members could organize units to advocate for the information rights of women; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals; the incarcerated; the poor and homeless; indeed every citizen. That structure allowed activist members to force the old association to be more democratic a few decades ago.”

Whatever your thoughts on the structure/bureaucracy of ALA, Berry has this part right: it provides an open door for new, underrepresented, and/or marginalized groups to have a place and a voice.