Protecting student work

A group of us were just lambasting “plagiarism software” the other day:

“We do not protect scholarly work by creating a culture of suspicion about student writing. We do not protect scholarly work by turning originality into an algorithm. And we do not protect scholarly work by requiring students to upload and thus license their intellectual property to a corporation that profits off the database it builds from that work. That is Turnitin’s business model.”

Source: Who Controls Your Dissertation?

Aletheia: Why isn’t mommy eating dinner with us tonight?

Me: Because she’s at a restaurant watching the Carolina-Dook game.

Aletheia: Yeah, we don’t like Dook.

Amiens: Caaaaaaaaat!

I wonder if this is how Buffy felt the night before graduation day #snakedemon

We reaffirm

“We would like to reaffirm our commitment to long-standing library traditions and values, which include the promotion of intellectual freedom, the protection of information from loss or erasure, and the mindful and critical use of information.”

Source: LMU Library News