Me: Aletheia, what are you doing with all your animals?

Aletheia: They’re getting on the party train.

Me: Oh, where is the party train going?

Aletheia: Las Vegas.

Me: 😳

Aletheia: Why isn’t mommy eating dinner with us tonight?

Me: Because she’s at a restaurant watching the Carolina-Dook game.

Aletheia: Yeah, we don’t like Dook.

Amiens: Caaaaaaaaat!

Aletheia has started dreaming. Last night, she had a dream that a baby skeleton was eating her toes. Gods, that’s terrifying.

Aletheia is giving me grief for not putting up xmas lights on the house. So this is how it begins.

Aletheia: Daddy, you’re going to die.

Me: Quite likely.

Aletheia: But I won’t be sad.

Me: No?

Aletheia: Because I’ll make you alive again.

(I know what she’s going as for Halloween this year.)

Aletheia: Trump is not good. We should put him in timeout.

Me: Why?

Aletheia: He’s not listening. He’s not telling a good story.

Aletheia: Daddy, how were your meetings today?

Me: They went well.

Aletheia: Did you have a lot of friends at your meetings?

Me: Actually, yes. Yes I did.

Aletheia: Daddy, why are you still up?

Me: Email.

Aletheia: But daddy, you need to go to bed. You need rest.

Me: I know, but sometimes daddy needs to get extra work done.

Aletheia: Well, you can do that tomorrow.

Me: …

Aletheia: Tomorrow is Thursday.

To myself: Goddammit.