Month: February 2017

We’re working on that

Information Literacy is at the top of the Chronicle’s 2017 Trends Report. Good thing librarians have been researching and developing models on this for a few decades now.

Protecting student work

A group of us were just lambasting “plagiarism software” the other day:

“We do not protect scholarly work by creating a culture of suspicion about student writing. We do not protect scholarly work by turning originality into an algorithm. And we do not protect scholarly work by requiring students to upload and thus license their intellectual property to a corporation that profits off the database it builds from that work. That is Turnitin’s business model.”

Source: Who Controls Your Dissertation?

john in blazer

I’ve decided I want to start wearing blazers again #gettingold #sartorial

Aletheia: Why isn’t mommy eating dinner with us tonight?

Me: Because she’s at a restaurant watching the Carolina-Dook game.

Aletheia: Yeah, we don’t like Dook.

Amiens: Caaaaaaaaat!

Aletheia: You know, daddy, some days we are fairies and some days we are not.

Hills of Palos Verdes

At the Ignatian retreat. Watching the marine layer roll in over Los Angeles.

I literally just bought Girl Scout cookies out of the back of a van in a poorly lit parking garage.