Month: March 2017

Aletheia and I are home today, so I let her set our schedule. So we are going to:

  • Watch a movie
  • Go to the beach
  • Go to the library to get a book
  • Get pancakes

The potato crop wasn’t too shabby this year. All this from a single starter. And I’m sure there are still a few I missed.


She’s avoiding me because I’m about to mow her precious (long and unkempt) lawn.


Where I am right now

atrium of Peabody Library in Baltimore


There are Totoros aplenty at this party.

The horror, the horror

Aletheia: Daddy, you need to get up. Amiens took off his diaper.

Me: Ok, I’m getting up. [you know what’s coming]

Me: Aletheia, did Amiens poop in his diaper?

Aletheia: Yeah.

And the way that she said “yeah” portrayed exactly the mix of resignation and horror that I was feeling at the moment.

They’re just friends

Aletheia: Daddy, come meet Birdie.

Me: Who’s Birdie?

Aletheia: She’s a girl who’s attached to a boy.

Me: That sounds terrible.

Aletheia: No, no, no. They’re just friends.

That’s one way to get out of school

Aletheia: I don’t want to go.

Me: Neither did the Doctor, but he still had to regenerate.

Aletheia: [blank stare]