Month: July 2017

[Playing hide and seek with Aletheia’s toys]

Aletheia: Daddy, I can’t find it.

Me: Well, you’ll just have to keep looking.

Aletheia [with head cocked to side and hands on hips]: Daddy, did you put the toy somewhere you’re not supposed to put it?

Aletheia: Daddy, are you going to work tonight?

(Aletheia likes it when I work late because I usually sit at my desk which is located outside her bedroom. So now she is basically “you-should-be-writing” shaming me.)

jar of pesto

Gave my basil plant a trim.

I had a dream last night that Jeff Goldblum was trying to seduce me. I would have been OK with that except at the last minute he took off his mask to reveal himself to be Jeff Bridges. I’m not OK with that.