Month: October 2013

Aletheia gets excited when I put on Cannonball Adderley.

::Drops mic. Walks away::

Did I mention…

Hm. There seems to be a lack of content here of late. Did I mention I started a new job this Fall? Dear reader, my apologies for leaving you out of the loop. I was hired as the Reference & Instruction Librarian for Whittier College back in August. With only two weeks before the semester started to prepare, I hit the ground running teaching instruction sessions for First Year writing courses, managing the reference desk and a team of student assistants, overseeing ILL, liaisoning to a handful of departments/programs, and promoting the library through its social media accounts. Between my daylight hours at Whittier and my late-night hours with our newborn daughter, I’ve had little time for writing or much of anything else (ask me when was the last time I went to the grocery store).

Instruction season slows down dramatically in two weeks and while I’ll need to turn my attention to other tasks like collection development and assessment, I hope to inhabit this space once again. I’ve been rethinking the way in which I use social media (as a professional). More on that later. Until then, I hope you are well and we’ll chat more soon.

Working on ILL policies doc & about to teach some advanced info literacy to student mentors. All after a long ref desk shift #doallthethings

Was just stopped on campus by two students (who shouted at me across the lawn… “hey John Jackson!”) who had questions about JSTOR. This was shortly followed by another student saying thanks for helping his class out the other day and letting me know his birthday is coming up. Weird. And very satisfying.

Aletheia started using a new plosive today: /b/ followed by either a liquid /l/ or fricative. Opens up a whole new section of her phonemic inventory!