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There are Totoros aplenty at this party.

john in blazer

I’ve decided I want to start wearing blazers again #gettingold #sartorial

Hills of Palos Verdes

At the Ignatian retreat. Watching the marine layer roll in over Los Angeles.

the author in bowtie

Last weekend, I got to play Saturday Librarian as I met with International Student parents and new part time faculty. Today, it’s time to meet the new graduate students!

Euphorbia flanaganii. Also known as “Medusa Head.” One of my favorite new additions to the garden. #gardeneverydamnday

Off to the Texas Library Association’s annual conference. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I was on an airplane!

Today, the real demo work began. In two weeks this all will be flowers, trees, and raised beds.

All social media sites want to lock you in

From jwz. Instagram Hates the Internet:

“All of the “social media” services want to lock you in. That’s been the case for a while. They love their “walled gardens” and they think that so long as they tightly control their users and make it hard for them to escape, they will rule the world forever.“

I’ve been taking this month off Twitter and Facebook. Just checked in. Hm. Hm. Mmmmm.

I made tattoos for our zine table at #grrrlsonfilmu