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Anxiety is the theme of all our lives these days

File this under “my new favorite bands.” Spanish Love Songs hits my existential dread buttons in just the right places. I especially love this line:

“Can’t even have my coffee without exploiting someone…What would it take be happy?”

Walt Disney Music Hall

God rest you, merry gentlemen

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

Listening to cylinder recordings of Christmas carols this morning while I enjoy coffee on my first day off since the summer.

I’m not sure, but Lincolnshire Posy may be the greatest piece of music ever written.

Tell ’em the story raindrop

Got too busy explaining / Now it’s just rainin’ pain / Pain in form of a raindrop / Yes a rain drop made of pain / Tell ‘em the story raindrop / “I don’t wanna tell ’em mister” / Tell ’em the story raindrop / “I don’t wanna tell ’em.”