Month: June 2014

My ALA 2013 schedule (and #alamyface)

^What I look like so you can find me and say hello! (though, I’ll definitely shave before leaving tomorrow…) The 2013 ALA Annual Conference begins today and I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ve posted my schedule below. Safe travels to everyone traveling this week. I hope to see you there!

See also: #alamyface

Friday, June 28

02:20pm: Arrive at Chicago Midway

03:00pm – 10:00pm: Check in, Registration, Opening events, etc.

10:00pm – 12:00am: Reception

10:00pm – 04:00am: ALA Dance Party 4 (Ay Chiwowa, 311 W Chicago Ave.)

Saturday, June 29

08:30am – 10:00am: ULS Executive Committee Meeting (Hyatt Regency Chicago – Gold Coast)

10:30am – 11:30am: ACRL New Members Discussion Group (Hyatt Regency Chicago – Columbus CD)

01:00pm – 02:30pm: Forum on Revised Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (McCormick Place Convention Center – N132)

03:00pm – 05:00pm: Beta Phi Mu General Assembly (McCormick Place Convention Center – N230b)

04:30pm – 06:00pm: Busting Out of the Cubicle: Your Creative Self at Work (McCormick Place Convention Center – S102bc)

05:30pm – 07:00pm: ACRL ULS/CLS Social (Plymouth Grill, 327 South Plymouth Court)

07:30pm – 09:30pm: ALA Newbie and Veteran Tweetup (Elephant and Castle, 185 North Wabash Avenue)

09:00pm – 12:00am: ALA Afterhours EveryLibrary and Librarian Wardrobe Party (Blue Frog’s Local 22, 22 E. Hubbard)

Sunday, June 30

09:15am – 10:00am: Conversation Starters: Achievement unlocked: Motivating and assessing user learning with digital badges (McCormick Place Convention Center – S102d)

10:30am – 11:30am: Conference Program Planning–Las Vegas 2014 Committee Meeting (Hyatt Regency Chicago – Columbian

01:00pm – 02:30pm: ACRL Information Literacy Web Site Committee (Hyatt Regency Chicago – Wrigley)

03:00pm – 05:00pm: ALA Website Advisory Committee Meeting (McCormick Place Convention Center – N134)

06:00pm – 08:00pm: GLBTRT Social, $5 suggested donation (Ann Sather Restaurant, 909 W Belmont Ave)

Monday, July 1

08:00am – 08:45am: Conversation Starters: Tumblarian 101: Tumblr for Libraries and Librarians (McCormick Place Convention Center – S102d)

01:00pm – 02:30pm: ALA Conversation Roundtable (Hyatt Regency McCormick (HRM), Meeting Suite 5)

05:30pm – 07:00pm: Chicago Showdown: ALA Battledecks IV(McCormick Place Convention Center – N229)

08:00pm – 12:00am: Reception

09:00pm – 2:00am: Que(e)ry: Leather Bound in Chicago, $10 suggested donation (Ann Sather Restaurant, 909 W Belmont Ave)

Tuesday, July 2

01:00pm: Flight out of Chicago Midway

Finally made it to Vegas. Now, we sleep. Ok, iron clothes, double check schedule, then sleep.

Hooray! It’s been a great two weeks, #irdl (at William H. Hannon Library)

Last day of the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship. Sad that it is ending but ready to go forth and enact sound methodologies

Trying to work on a research proposal while watching the World Cup. I think I wrote two paragraphs that entire time.

I am so tired, I made a cup of coffee and without realizing it subsequently poured/rinsed it out in the sink before drinking it.

Was just telling some students about the Que(e)ry fundraiser from ALA last year. I think I just destroyed their preconceptions about librarians

So I just discovered that because I’m incoming chair of ALA’s Website Advisory Committee I’ll be added to various ALA Council spaces. My inbox is about to get very very full. 🙂

The problem with working at a college is that sometimes you eat like a college student #coffee #luckycharmsmarshmallows

Drawers from the library archives (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

A poem from one student (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

A use for some of our discarded books (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

Out mascot is reading some of our redaction poetry (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

Just because (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

This is what the McNaughton collection was made for (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

New casual shoes!

So much to do and only four days to get it done. This is my “well, ok” face

Birthday bow tie selfie (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

So this is what the kids listen to these days (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

The Wardman Library photo booth is ready (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

Our photo booth is now complete. We have Benedict on a stick (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

Squeeeeel! I know what I’m doing tonight. 🙂 (at Wardman Library – Whittier College)

Turnitin’s pending acquisition by a private equity firm just made me realize how much student information we (IHE’s) give away for free.