Month: June 2017


Things I googled today: “how to build a root cellar” … this was only a quarter of the harvest and there are still more in the ground.

Sweet green peppers

Aletheia keeps referring to guacamole as “broccamole.” Millennials ruin everything.

Watermelon vines

The watermelon vines are starting to hit their stride.

Kite flying at LMU

Annual Father’s Day kite flying

A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin, by Hybrid Pedagogy

There is so much to unpack here, but this was my favorite part: “Plagiarism detection services ‘undermine students’ authority’ over their own work; place students in a role of needing to be ‘policed’; ‘create a hostile environment’; supplant good teaching with the use of inferior technology; violate student privacy.”

Let’s not use the word “discover”

Unseen Edith Wharton play found hidden in Texas archive, The Guardian

Can we talk a bit about the invisible labor of archivists? This “hidden” Wharton play had been part of the Ransom Center’s finding aid for years. Some archivist meticulously noted its existence and authorship when the material was acquired and processed. Items in archives are not “discovered” by researchers nor are items “hidden” until that point (except in the case of misplaced items).

I don’t mean to denigrate the work of these particular researchers, I only think we need to reconsider the language we use to describe the work of bringing knowledge into the public sphere.