Month: October 2012

Ever have that moment where you’ve just finished writing something for publication only to realize you need to write something else entirely different to precede it? Sigh.

Schedule for the week: catalog, teach, catalog, teach, reference, write, plan, collaborate, represent, reference, relax.

Do not welcome the overlords gladly

From Siva Vaidhyanathan, Universities Are Vast Copy Machines–and That’s a Good Thing:

“Google is not a library. It is not a university. It is not a public service. It is a business. Too often we forget those distinctions. The project of creating, maintaining, and offering vast collections of digital material should be something that universities and libraries control, not something we depend on one company to handle.”

Feel like I’ve been talking all day. Oh wait, I have! And I still have 3 hrs of teaching to do again tomorrow. At least tomorrow, I’m only helping with the workshop, not actually leading it. =)

New growth in the garden

Baby zucchini on the way.

Star Trek movie marathon? But… but… I have work tomorrow? And I’m sucked in…