Month: June 2015

Photos from ALA 2015

In flight reading for the short flight to San Fran (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

A quiet breakfast before a very busy day at #alaac15 (at Honey honey cafe and cepery)

Going to participate in the Banned Books Reading #alaac15 (at Moscone Center)

Nancy Pelosi! (at Union Square, San Francisco)

I finished my other book so this one will be plane-reading for the return journey.

So very happy to hear about the SCOTUS decision. I just woke up to the news. Can’t wait to get to San Fran to celebrate with friends!

Realized this morning that Aletheia considers books to be social currency, i.e. bringing someone a book is an act of charity or a way to create good will.

Just realized that with the new haircut and my attempt at kale meatballs that I have gone into full hipster mode.

Once again, real life mimics art #minecraft

Making chicken stock for the first time. It’s my understanding that it’s hard to screw this up.

Doing an inventory of the music section is one huge distraction. (at Wardman Library)

Extra points for “modus hipsterandi”