Every 6 weeks, I schedule a 4-day weekend for myself to help decompress, detach, and destress from work. This long weekend will be busier than I’d prefer, but I’m still planning to get some me-time in. On the might-do list:

  • 💇 get a haircut
  • 🍜 treat myself to lunch
  • 📖 go to the park and read a book
  • 💉 take me and my kids to get our flu vax and covid boosters
  • 🧘 yoga
  • 🪴 gardening (including weeding, pulling out last of summer crops, and mulching)
  • 🎧 catch up on podcasts
  • 🎄 design the family holiday card
  • 🪱 watch Dune
  • 🎵 listen to Sufjan Stevens’s latest album
  • 🍪 make snickerdoodle cookies

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