If you came here from inkandvellum unexpectedly, my apologies for the brief disruption and redirect. Here is the tl;dr version:

While attempting to move the inkandvellum blog from the sub-domain to the main directory, I made a mistake and needed to re-install WordPress. No problem. As it turns out, however, my WP¬†database was corrupted. Again, no problem. I had non-corrupted backups from earlier in the year and could have recovered the most recent data from cached files and the Wayback Machine. Instead, I’ve decided to start fresh.

This is actually the fourth instance of my blog. Two blogspot spaces, then inkandvellum, now here. Like Troy and Babylon, the earlier instances of this blog have been eradicated. Only an occasional archaeological trace remains for those willing to take the time to find it.*

I’ll be fleshing out this site over the next two weeks and plan to post new content very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this pleasant diversion.

*Update 2017-02-18: Actually, I’ve started posting some older content from previous sites to this space. So anything dated before this post has been ported from other (likely now non-existent) sites.