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Ghost school

white bearded iris

A conversation my son and I had while cleaning out the dead foliage from these magnificent bearded irises this weekend.

Amiens: I know how to stop ghosts from haunting.

Me: Huh?

Amiens: Ghost school.

Me: How is that?

Amiens: Well, they would be in school and they wouldn’t have time to haunt houses.

Me: But what about on the weekend?

Amiens: They would be so excited to be in school that they would never want to leave.

You have to admire the adoration of being in school at this age. It comes so naturally and can slip away so fast.

A colony of beavers

Me [driving to kids’ daycare]: Hey Amiens, have you noticed that there are hardly any trees on Kenyon Ave?

Amiens (4): Maybe a beaver got loose in the neighborhood and cut them all down.

My son’s world is infinitely more exciting than my own.

Aletheia: Why isn’t mommy eating dinner with us tonight?

Me: Because she’s at a restaurant watching the Carolina-Dook game.

Aletheia: Yeah, we don’t like Dook.

Amiens: Caaaaaaaaat!