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“You can make the walled garden very, very sweet. but the jungle outside is always more appealing in the long term.” — Tim Berners-Lee (source: Wired)

A sliver of a sliver of a sliver

From The Web as a Preservation Medium

“I want to give back to the Web the way it has given to me. With 25 years behind us the Web needs us more than ever to help care for the archival slivers it contains. I think libraries, museums and archives that realize that they are custodians of the Web, and align their mission with the grain of the Web, will be the ones that survive, and prosper.”

The web is not a library

But could it be? From The Atlantic’s Raiders of the Lost Web:

“Ephemerality is built into the very architecture of the web, which was intended to be a messaging system, not a library.”