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I made it to Cleveland for the 2019 conference of the Association of College & Research Libraries. I did not expect to see so many people wearing gloves and hats.

Despite not having adequately prepared for lake weather, I am excited to be here. ACRL is perhaps my favorite conference to attend (it’s a close tie with LMCC). Everyone here speaks the language of academic libraries and archives. All the topics feel relevant. It’s an immersive experience that happens once every two years and I am here for it.

I will be alongside Jodie Borgerding, Jennifer Peters, and Joyce Garczynski presenting on “Recasting the Parentative: Seeking Balance Amidst the Busyness.”

Abstract: When you think of academic librarian parents, what comes to mind? Many people stereotype parents and unfortunately university, local, and national leaders make policies impacting them based on these false assumptions. This presentation will extend previous work-life balance conversations by sharing the results of a survey about librarian-parent stereotypes, providing attendees with the opportunity to discuss how these stereotypes have impacted them and work together to develop an agenda to change the policies resulting from these biases.

Thursday, April 10

  • 8:40a: Let’s hear it! Reimagining the library’s teaching and learning program through cross-campus conversations
  • 9:40a: Academic Library Impact: New Research from ACRL Grant Recipients
  • 10:55a: Keynote: Viet Thanh Nguyen
  • 2:00p: Empathetic Marketing in the Library: A Fresh Approach to Outreach
  • 3:10p: Guided Mediation break
  • 4:00p: “Must be comfortable with ambiguity”: How Outreach Librarians are navigating their new roles to better engage with scholars in the 21st century

Friday, April 11

  • 6:30a: Yoga
  • 8:30a: Recasting the Parentative: Seeking Balance Amidst the Busyness
  • 10:30a: Reading Without Walls: Beyond the Common Read
  • 1:00p: Diversity and Inclusion Planning: Fostering Culture and Community in Academic Libraries
  • 3:00p: Reconceptualizing the Conference Experience: Employing Grassroots Efforts in Conference Planning to Promote Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • 4:15p: When Roles Collide: Librarians as Educators and the Question of Learning Analytics

Saturday, April 12

  • 8:30a: Creating an Outreach Story: Assessment Results, Strategic Planning, and Reflection
  • 11:00a: Closing Keynote: Alison Bechdel

I’m looking forward to learning, seeing old friends, and making new ones. Have fun at #acrl2019!

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