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Xmas wine

That moment when your kid’s energy has all been spent on Xmas morning and it’s nothing but crying from here on out.

Precious cargo

We’re moving today and tomorrow. Some things require special care.

2008 Tamayo Red (Contra Costa County)

I have no reservations against red blends: I love them unashamedly. Each sip provides a guided tour from one varietal to the next. This particular blend has seven: Petite Sirah, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Tinta Cao, Malbec, Alicante Bouschet, and Carmeniere. The 2008 Red has a clean, blackish purple color. Blackberries and vanilla glide in through the nose. On the mouth, you will detect subtle hints of oak, blueberry skin, and spice. Tarteness lingers on the side palette while blueberries continue to dance on the tip of your tongue. Hold this wine in your mouth for just a few seconds to get the full effect.

For $15 a bottle, this is a high-value wine. According to the vineyard’s website, 825 cases were produced. The wine was aged 10 months in French, American and Hungarian oak barrels.

2007 Sanford Pinot Noir (Santa Rita Hills, CA)

We picked up a bottle of this wine on our trip to Santa Barbara this time last year (where we got engaged!). The bottle has aged nicely since then. On the nose, powerful suggestions of fruit, black cherry, spice (oregano?). On the palette, very smooth with light tannins, smoke, oak, and a bundle of fruit (think grape to the second power). Medium bodied and worth every penny ($40).

F.W. Langguth Black Slate pinot noir (Rheinhessen)

Have you ever come across a bottle of wine in your collection and not been able to remember where you got it from? I can’t think of where I picked this up. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of German reds (and the Rheinhessen region, especially, tends to produce generic wines) and the label is nothing worth looking twice at… yes, I sometimes buy based on label. Deal with it. This bottle, however, was worth the momentary memory lapse.

This non-vintage red is 90% pinot and 10% regent. Burnished red color with crystal clear complexion. Cranberry on the nose, sour fruit on the palette, with a sweet strawberry finish. It reminds me of one of my favorite candies. Light bodied and low tannins make this a delicate sipping wine that won’t interfere with dinner.